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 Our Mission 

We support incoming transfer researchers by providing a space for workshops and meetings allowing for transfer students to learn more about essential skills needed to secure their first research positions. Moreover, we aim to build a community of diverse transfer researchers throughout UC Davis to support incoming generations of students.


Sudev Namboodiri, President


Hi! My name is Sudev, and I’m a biological sciences major, class of 2022, from Cupertino, California. I’m currently doing research in the Healthy Cognition and Resilient Aging lab in the Alzheimer's Disease Center at UC Davis, School of Medicine. After graduation, I plan to apply to medical school. In my downtime, you can find me playing classical guitar, reading history or gaming with my friends.


Nam Tran, Treasurer

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 2.54.16 PM.png

Greetings! My name is Nam and I am the Treasurer/Financial Officer for TRS. I am a third year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at UC Davis. I am originally from Vietnam, but have lived in San Jose, CA for most of my life. During my free time, I enjoy biking and hanging out with my roommates, doing things such as playing basketball and video games. Although I am not currently involved in research, I have some past lab experience with techniques commonly used in a molecular biology lab. I look forward to welcoming all new TRS members!


Nicole Cimmarusti, Social Media Coordinator

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 11.10.25 PM.png

Hi my name is Nicole Cimmarusti! I’m a psychology major and currently in my second year at UC Davis. A little about me is that I'm from San Francisco, California. I’m not currently in research, but I’m interested in joining a lab on campus. I enjoy painting and watching horror movies.


Gabby Wyatt, Advisor Team Director

Matthew Wong, Vice President


Hey there! My name is Matthew and I’m a biology major from Cupertino, California. Currently I’m doing research at Heyer Labs, with my ongoing work focused on a DNA repair mechanism called homologous recombination, and BRCA2, a tumor suppressor protein. After graduating, I plan on pursuing medical or graduate school. When I’m not studying or doing research, you can catch me watching kdramas, gaming, or exploring new restaurants.


Dennis Ayzenberg, Secretary


Hey! I’m Dennis and I’m a biological sciences major minoring in psychology, class of 2022, from Cupertino, California. I'm currently doing research in the Hammock lab focusing on the neurobiological and behavioral aspect of the SEH enzyme and the application of its inhibitor as a pain analgesic.  After I graduate, I’m planning on taking a couple of gap years before applying to medical school. In my free time, I like building model kits, listening to rock/metal music, and playing video games with my friends.



Alyssa Maness, Advisor Team Director

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am a PhD student in the Psychology department. Broadly, my current research is focused on better understanding nonhuman animal behavior, perception, cognition, and sociality as mechanisms for best promoting their physiological welfare as well as psychological well-being. However, I’ve worked in research for 10 years (wow, I’m old!) across five different labs here at UC Davis and have studied everything from wildlife management practices to monkeys as a model for the social deficits observed in humans with autism spectrum disorder… and everything in between. Throughout my research career, I have worked with monkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, and wild rodents. If I’m not hunched over my desk or outside watching animals, you can find me playing drums or guitar in bands, riding my motorcycle, rock climbing, backpacking, shooting photos, or romping around with my three dogs (and cat).


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