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One unique resource that Transfer Research Society offers to all its members is the opportunity to schedule an appointment and meet one-on-one with a graduate student at UC Davis doing research in a field of interest. These fields of study include but are not limited to psychology, ecology, plant biology, animal behavior, immunology, nutritional biology, materials science, and entomology.


Graduate advisors can answer questions about topics like applying to research labs, constructing a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, steps to prepare for post-graduate goals, applying to graduate school, what it’s like to be a graduate student, etc. They are also happy to discuss their own research as well as research within their field. For more general questions that may be relevant to others, society members are encouraged to reach out to the graduate advisors via Discord channel:




For more specific or personal questions, society members are encouraged to set up one-on-one Zoom appointments with the graduate advisors so they can discuss things in greater detail as it applies to each society member’s unique goals. Below we have included a list of our current and expanding team of graduate advisors that are ready to meet and assist transfer student and the TRS community. Members of the TRS community looking to schedule an appointment with a graduate advisor should first send an email to the advisor they are looking to meet with. For any additional questions, we encourage TRS members to join our discord server and seek help from our board members or any of our advisors! 











Each quarter, TRS holds a graduate student networking event during which society members are invited to come and chat with graduate students in a fun, low-pressure group setting. Graduate student advisors will also hold workshops focused on specific topics such as applying to research labs, constructing a CV, etc. In the future, TRS hopes to hold mock research conferences in which society members are invited to present their research to a small group. This may be in preparation for an upcoming conference poster presentation, general practice for giving a talk, etc. We need more society members like you to help make these events possible! 

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